Changing Directions

(Updated May 13, 2022) – It’s been a month since I last posted. I’ve been sitting with the idea of this blog, wondering if it was really the direction I wanted to take. I know I want to do something to use my skills to benefit others. Yes, we are at a time when “Jack of All Trades” is no longer a derogatory term used for career generalists. It’s an asset now to have multiple skills as your career foundation, and although specialized skills are still important and in high demand, so too are the Jack and Jill of All […]

Starting Over

Making a decision to freelance came with knowing I would have to learn many new things to survive in this new terrain. There’s real comfort in the illusion of certainty that comes from an employer’s paycheck. Was I ready for this change from relative security to perpetual uncertainty? The list of new things I needed to learn seemed endless, and I felt overwhelmed before I started. I’ve come to understand that feeling a bit out of control is a normal function of change. I also know that the key is in starting with one small step at a time, and […]

Multitasking Is No Longer An Option

(Click on the title to read the full post) Welcome to my blog, Life in Harmony: Multitasking in Modern Times. I’m a born multitasker. I’m also what you might call hyper-organized, which means I pay a lot of attention to calendars, commitments, and details. An astrologer might say it’s the Virgo stellium in my first house. Close friends and family would attribute it to my energetic metabolism. I say it helps me sleep better and sets the tone for the next day.  I often see people struggling, really struggling, over simple things like scheduling or keeping an appointment. They overbook, forget to cancel, and […]


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Multitasking is no longer an option. As someone who has juggled many successful projects and priorities, often at the same time, I can help you build the skills and confidence you need to manage life in modern times.