Changing Directions

(June 1, 2022) – I’ve often thought about blogging but had nothing I felt compelled to share. However, I’ve emerged from these last few “COVID years” wanting to change my life from the inside out. During COVID, I spent my time in solitude quietly learning and writing. I finally had an opportunity to indulge in the things I always wished I had time for, and I embraced it all.

Astrology led the way in opening my world and my mind. In fact, I don’t believe it’s a stretch to say that nothing teaches compassion and tolerance quite like astrology, which is something I intend to explain and demonstrate in future posts. My goal with this blog is to share what I’ve learned with anyone interested in understanding how astrology works in our lives.

Life Before COVID

In 2019, I stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat. In 2020, when COVID hit and I lost both of my jobs, I dedicated a lot of time to learning plant-based cooking, I discovered Alan Watts and other brilliant philosophical minds, and I studied astrology. Understanding astrology has changed my life for the better in ways that are unbelievable until you experience it yourself. I will discuss those ways in my next post since it is the foundation for everything else I intend to share in this blog.

The Topic of Astrology

Astrology’s a huge topic and it’s easy to get lost, confused, and overwhelmed, which is why I never took the time to study it prior to COVID. I simply didn’t have the time. Over the past few years, I’ve gone through many books, podcasts, youtube channels, websites, magazines, newsletters, and more. I will share the resources that helped me most, beginning with well-known and popular sites that offer free natal charts requiring only the time, place, and date of your birth (also included in my next post). I will share the podcasts I listen to and love, the books I have read and am reading, the magazines and newsletters I subscribe to, the youtube channels I watch, and anything else I think you’ll find helpful. I will also explain why I selected what I did and what you should watch out for. The internet is a fantastic resource but also opens us wide to predators and con artists of all stripes. I will only provide resources I know firsthand and recommend. This is why I want to start this blog. I was learning astrology alone and had no idea where or how to begin or who to trust. Yet I really wanted to know. What I can offer is a bridge to connect readers with astrologers I respect, the steps to take to tackle your own birth chart, and the best material for beginners.

Thank you for joining me here. You can subscribe below if you would like to get these posts sent directly to your inbox. See you next time.

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  1. Great article. Extremely well written! I enjoyed it immensely. I look foward to the next blog.

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