Multitasking Is No Longer An Option

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Welcome to my blog, Life in Harmony: Multitasking in Modern Times.

I’m a born multitasker. I’m also what you might call hyper-organized, which means I pay a lot of attention to calendars, commitments, and details. An astrologer might say it’s the Virgo stellium in my first house. Close friends and family would attribute it to my energetic metabolism. I say it helps me sleep better and sets the tone for the next day. 

I often see people struggling, really struggling, over simple things like scheduling or keeping an appointment. They overbook, forget to cancel, and hide from embarrassment, which only makes it worse. Being organized can change your image and attitude about what you do. It can literally change your life, noticeably for the better. Multitasking is also crucial for survival in today’s economy.

Many of us have opted to change our lives over the last couple of years. For some it was a career change, for others it may have been felt more personally. But change we have, in ways we’ve both surrendered to and chosen.

The good news is, staying organized is one of the simplest things to do and it’s actually fun. Why? Because you see immediate results, which adds fuel to your determination fire. Being organized also helps keep you sane while juggling multiple priorities – those things you have to do, like it or not.   

I’ve been through many changes in my life, so I don’t have the same level of trepidation that other people may have about starting over. It’s partly my love of organization (I’m a bit of a born bureaucrat) that makes change easier for me. However, I do understand what it’s like to be standing in completely unfamiliar territory, and I can tell you that my organizational skills have gotten me through it. The truth is, being organized only requires the creation of new habits and of course, discipline. This will be the subject of my next post.

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